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Edible Plants

Edible Plants

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Aloe Vera

₹199.00 Ex Tax: ₹199.00

The Aloe Vera plant has been known and used for centuries for its health, beauty, medicine and skin care properties. The name Aloe Vera derives from the Arabic word“Alloeh”meaning “shining bitter substance,” while “Vera” in Latin means “true.” 2000 years ago, the Greek scientists regarded Al..

Areca Palm

₹399.00 Ex Tax: ₹399.00

The Areca Palm is one of the most popular and graceful palms. It is tolerant of the indoor environment, releases copious amounts of moisture into the air. Additionally, the areca is consistently rated among the best houseplants for removing all indoor air toxins tested. The Areca has the..

Gold Dust Croton

₹330.00 Ex Tax: ₹330.00

Crotons are tropical plants that thrive outdoors in warm temperate areas. These plants do not like cold weather, so make sure that the temperature remains above 60 degrees Fahrenheit all year. Humidity is also tolerated by the croton plant, so areas like Florida will present the perfect outdoor grow..

Money plants

₹262.00 Ex Tax: ₹262.00

INTRODUCTION- money plant is a simple name for a few different plant species. The money is very interesting plant with trunk. Money is the symbol of luck .it has long five shiny leaves per branch but luckiest plant have six or seven leaves per branch. Money plant also used by many people for the..

Tulsi Plant

₹99.00 Ex Tax: ₹99.00

Tulsi is native to India, where it often graces shrines and homes as an aromatic perennial shrub. Tulsi is grown as an annual herb in temperate climates. The tulsi plant is pleasing to the eye, with an upright, open and branching form. The fragrance of the leaves is also quite attractive-spicy a..

Abelmoschus Ficulneus

₹250.00 Ex Tax: ₹250.00

Abelmoschus ficulneus..

Cattail Plant

₹390.00 Ex Tax: ₹390.00

Cattail plant..

Chlorophytum tuberosum

₹380.00 Ex Tax: ₹380.00

Chlorophytum tuberosum..

Christmas Tree Plant

₹480.00 Ex Tax: ₹480.00

A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer such as spruce, pine, or fir or an artificial tree of similar appearance, associated with the celebration of Christmas. The modern Christmas tree was developed in early modern Germany, in which devout Christians brought decorated..

Clover plant

₹425.00 Ex Tax: ₹425.00

Clover plant..

Fireweed plant

₹235.00 Ex Tax: ₹235.00

Fireweed plant..

Song Of India (Pleomele)

₹199.00 Ex Tax: ₹199.00

Dracaena reflexa called as pleomele or song of India, is a species of Dracaena which is a tropical tree native to Madagascar, Mauritius, and other nearby islands of the Indian Ocean. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant and houseplant, valued for its richly coloured, evergreen leaves, and t..

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