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Radiation Absorbing Plants

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Aloe Vera

₹199.00 Ex Tax: ₹199.00

The Aloe Vera plant has been known and used for centuries for its health, beauty, medicine and skin care properties. The name Aloe Vera derives from the Arabic word“Alloeh”meaning “shining bitter substance,” while “Vera” in Latin means “true.” 2000 years ago, the Greek scientists regarded Al..

Adiantum Fragrans

₹829.00 Ex Tax: ₹829.00

Adiantum fragrans Plants..

Asparagus Plants

₹1,429.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,429.00

Asparagus Plants..

Clivia Green Plants

₹650.00 Ex Tax: ₹650.00

Clivia Green Plants..

Ivy Plants

₹245.00 Ex Tax: ₹245.00

Ivy Plants..

Monstera Deliciosa Plants

₹339.00 Ex Tax: ₹339.00

Monstera Deliciosa Plants..

Ocimum Sanctum (Kapoor Tulsi) Plants

₹359.00 Ex Tax: ₹359.00

Ocimum Sanctum (Kapoor Tulsi) Plants..

Pachira Aquatica Plants

₹786.00 Ex Tax: ₹786.00

Pachira Aquatica Plants..

Punjabi Mustard Plants

₹250.00 Ex Tax: ₹250.00

Punjabi Mustard Plants..

Rubber Plant

₹250.00 Ex Tax: ₹250.00

Rubber Plant..

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