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Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants

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Acasia Plant

₹429.00 Ex Tax: ₹429.00

Acasia plant..

Croton Codiaeum Variegatum Plant

₹443.00 Ex Tax: ₹443.00

Croton Codiaeum Variegatum Plant..

Dragon Fruit Tree

₹250.00 Ex Tax: ₹250.00

Dragon fruit tree..

Guava plant

₹450.00 Ex Tax: ₹450.00

Guava plant..

Gulmohar flowers

₹389.00 Ex Tax: ₹389.00

Gulmohar flowers..

Jamrul plant

₹730.00 Ex Tax: ₹730.00

Jamrul plant..

Jasmine plant

₹330.00 Ex Tax: ₹330.00

Jasmine will thrive indoors if they are given the proper care in fact, they can grow up to two feet each year. This plant requires a lot of sun, so if you do not have a south facing window with a lot of sun available, then during the summer months, the plant will benefit from a few hours of bein..

Money(Golden) Plant

₹220.00 Ex Tax: ₹220.00

Money Plant..

Star Fruit

₹320.00 Ex Tax: ₹320.00

Star Fruit..

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