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Gold Dust Croton

₹330.00 Ex Tax: ₹330.00

Crotons are tropical plants that thrive outdoors in warm temperate areas. These plants do not like cold weather, so make sure that the temperature remains above 60 degrees Fahrenheit all year. Humidity is also tolerated by the croton plant, so areas like Florida will present the perfect outdoor grow..

Abelmoschus Ficulneus

₹250.00 Ex Tax: ₹250.00

Abelmoschus ficulneus..

Acasia Plant

₹429.00 Ex Tax: ₹429.00

Acasia plant..

Adiantum Fragrans

₹829.00 Ex Tax: ₹829.00

Adiantum fragrans Plants..

Alstonia Plant

₹368.00 Ex Tax: ₹368.00


Anjeer Plants

₹529.00 Ex Tax: ₹529.00

Anjeer plants..

Asparagus Plants

₹1,429.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,429.00

Asparagus Plants..

Bakul Plant

₹420.00 Ex Tax: ₹420.00

Bakul plant..

Bamboo Palm

₹550.00 Ex Tax: ₹550.00

Bamboo Palm..

Banana Plant

₹390.00 Ex Tax: ₹390.00

Banana Plants..

Banyan Plant

₹439.00 Ex Tax: ₹439.00


Bauhinia Plant

₹395.00 Ex Tax: ₹395.00


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