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Air Yam Plant

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Air Yam Plant is a perennial vine with broad, alternate leaves. The plant forms bulbils in the leaf axils of the twining stems, and tubers beneath the ground. These tubers are like small, oblong potatoes. The tubers of edible varieties often have a bi..

Almond(Badam) Plant

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Almond tree native to southwestern Asia and its edible seed. There are two varieties, sweet almond and bitter almond. Sweet almonds are the familiar, edible type consumed as nuts and used in cooking or as a source of almond oil or almond meal. The oil of bitter almonds i..

Amla Plant

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Alma trees--better known as Indian Gooseberries--are typically grown in subtropical climates. They are native to India and bear small fruit that is rich in vitamin C and are used in many herbal and natural medicines Planting & Care Soil: Well-drained, loamy to light heavy soil that is d..

Anthurium Plants

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Anthurium Plants..

Araucaria Plants

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Araucaria Plants..

Aspidistra Plants

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The Aspidistra is a popular foliage house plant. It’s very tough so it doesn’t require intensive care. This indoor plant is mainly kept for its beautiful foliage. It’s a great houseplant for cooler areas of your house. It was one of the most popular ornamental plants during the Victorian era,alo..

Benjamin Plant

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Benjamin Plant..

Bougainvillea-(Orange) Plant

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Broom Creeper plants

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Broom Creeper plants..

Bud Bonsai

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Bud Bonsai..

Caladium Plants

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Caladium Plants..

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