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Care Your Plant, As Pet !

Plants need Caring too, Water them, Add Fertilizers, Change Pot, Cutting, weather proof Conditions.

Gift Plants, Gift A Life !

Rather spending on plastic products, it’s better to Donate Life Someone on every Auspicious Day.

Best Indoor Plants In India


Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Plants in Home/Office is good as in Vaastu, they helps to improve air quality, reduce stress & gives Peace

Air Purifying Plants


Plants Give Us Food.

Plants are the only organisms that can convert light from Sun into Food like Fruit, Vegetables,etc.

Plants Give Us Oxygen.

One of the materials that plants produce as they make food is oxygen gas. Very important for Us.

Plants Make And Preserve Soil

Root of plants help hold the soil together & helps to make the soil rich with nutrients.

Save Plants, Save Life On Earth

Plants help the environment (and us!) in many different ways, All of the oxygen comes from plants.

#PlantALife #GrowMore_SaveMore

We request our all visitors to grow more plants & save more plants, Plant A life for others.

Target 7.5 Billion Plants

If each person grow a Plant for itself, than Environment on Earth will be a Better Place to Live.


Caring Of Plants

Anyone don’t konw how to Caring of Plants
All Plants Need Water, Fertilizer, Sunlight, & Soil, But It Should According to Needs Of Plants

Keep Maintaining Your Garden

Garden is good for Home/Office . Garden Plants (like; NEEM, FERN, BOUGAINVILLEA, Plants) helps to improve Your quality of Home and Office and it helps to reduce stress, gives Peace. keep Maintaining of Your Garden.

Insect Repellent Plants.

Plants are Also Use For Insect Repellent like Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Marigolds, etc. Insect Stays Far Away From These Plants

Why Plants Need Fertilizer.

many plant can not get access nutrients from the soil & Air. They Need To External Nutrients Like Fertilizer Organic & Inorganic Fertilizers.

Accessories & Garden Tools.

Improve Your Garden with garden tools & Accessories, make Beautiful Garden. Because Plants help to clean the environment.

Why We Save Plants

We Request to all People & Please save more plants, Plants Give Life In Many Way Plants Use Medicine, It Use For Air Purifying, Vegetable, Fruit etc.

PlantsNTrees: Buy Plants Online, All Over India

Refreshing and elegant — These are just the covering layer of having plants either in a home, office or outdoor establishment. As one of the largest plant nurseries and online stores in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bhagya Vihar, PlantsNTrees warmly welcomes you to its website. On this page, you will find an overview of our selection, services, and the principles that laid the foundation of our meaningful mission.

About us

Let us tell you a little bit about the store. 

In the world, Brazil champions as the most diverse ecosystem. But here in Asia, India does not falter in the top list. Wherever you may be in the country, there are plants and trees stores available in every corner offering you unique and attractive products. 

What only sets stores apart from one place to another is through their diverse selection, quality, and passion for the environment. PlantsNTrees, founded in 2016, was built to protect people’s homes and the environment. Through our broad range of premium quality products, namely, seeds and bulbs, garden tools, fertilizers, etc., you can find the right choice for your needs. 

Where we are

Now that we have embraced digital tech, PlantsNTrees is very much delighted to offer online shopping. With a bit of scrolling, few clicks, and several searches, we will have your ordered product delivered right to your doorstep. 

That being said, you may also visit our brick and mortar store/nursery to see the collection in person. Our address is Mubarakpur Dabas, Mundka Road, Bhagya Vihar, Delhi — 110081. The store is near Voxwin Business Solution, Ltd. For concerns, you may give us a call at +91-9991584444, or send us an email through

Browse our site

Now that you are here on our website, allow us to guide you through the site’s pages to ease your visiting and browsing experience. 

Shop online

Enjoy shopping on our site! While we are pleased you have chosen PlantsNTrees, we are much more excited to see your choice of plants, seeds, and/or accessories. Listed below are our categories to simplify your shopping experience.

  1. Buy Plants
    1. Shop plants by area 
    2. Shop plants by purpose/type
  2. Seeds and bulbs
  3. Accessories (manure and garden tool sets)
  4. Add Ons (pots and planters, and pebbles)
  5. Gifts and Offers

Our method

Elevate the surroundings of the place with our healthy, refreshing, and elegant products. As a retail plant nursery, we have a skilled horticulture team that grows plants in open fields and greenhouses. 

For the former space, products grown are large decorative trees, massive shrubs, and perennial plants. Yet as for the latter, small to medium-sized shrubs and herbaceous plants are bred. They are cared for using horticulture techniques, such as advanced proper ventilation, to be protected from adverse climatic conditions and diseases.